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05/12/2021 14:31

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Female entrepreneurs gathered at a seminar hosted by Việt Nam Women's Academy on Friday to share experiences and inspire others, especially young women, on their way to start their own businesses.

The event titled "Women entrepreneurs — Choose your own path" was part of "Start-up and development for businesswomen", an online course that attracted over 250 attendees.

The guest speakers in attendance were Dung Tô, founder of fashion brand Eva De Eva; Thái An, founder of online travel market place Tubudd; Mai Trang, CEO of the personal development company 2204; and Kim Lan, programme manager for We Empower Asia at UN Women Việt Nam.

The talk centred on the common challenges and obstacles for entrepreneurs, including the lack of management experience and expertise, lack of focus on initial process-building, recruitment and funding.

By sharing their real-life experiences, the four guest speakers hoped to help others overcome their own challenges in starting a business.

Other topics discussed include addressing business challenges during COVID-19, developing, applying and adjusting the business process, and building customer profiles.

At the event, Kim Lan also introduced the audience to collaboration projects between UN Women and Việt Nam Women's Academy.

As part of the cooperation agreement between the school and UN Women, Việt Nam Women's Academy organised two online courses on "Start-up and development for women entrepreneurs" starting September 15.

There were also two educational scientific publications, "Gender in Economics and Management" and "10 lessons on start-up and development for businesswomen", published and available on the academy's online learning platform.  

At the end of the event, the academy's vice-director, Dr. Dương Kim Anh expressed her gratitude to the guest speakers and awarded the course attendees with completion certificates. — VNS

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