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11/11/2021 10:30

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Tên sách: Human resource management
- Tác giả: Derek Torrington; Laura Hall; Carol Atkinson; Stephen Taylor
Nhà xuất bản: Pearson- 2020

Nội dung: This book aims to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the discipline to which authors are introducing readers and Part 1 puts in place the totality of human resource management in six ways. First, chapter 1 comes the nature of human resource management, a specialism which is everywhere and in everything. Chapter 2 sketches in the background of the global context within which authors operate as what readers do in your small corner has to make sense not only in their business but in the local, national and international situation. A closer look at that issue is in chapter 3, reviewing how human resource management practice varies across different countries. Chapter 4 deals with strategy, which not only sets the course of the business but also ensures that the strategy is right and how it could be implemented. Implementation requires planning, the story of chapter 5 is analytics or the application of statistics to many aspects of human resource management work; to deal with a question or a problem you need some information to know what it is and then you need some data to measure it with. Chapter 6, with a bundle of basic skills for employability and effectiveness in human resource work.

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