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Tên sách: Organizational behavior
- Tác giả: Stephen Robbins; Tim Judge
- Nhà xuất bản: Pearson- 2019

Nội dung:    The book incudes 4 parts: PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. What is Organizational Behavior? PART II: THE INDIVIDUAL 2. Diversity in Organizations 3. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction 4. Emotions and Moods 5. Personality and Values 6. Perception and Individual Decision Making 7. Motivation Concepts 8. Motivation: From Concepts to Applications PART III: THE GROUP 9. Foundations of Group Behavior 10. Understanding Work Teams 11. Communication 12. Leadership 13. Power and Politics 14. Conflict and Negotiation 15. Foundations of Organization Structure PART IV: THE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM 16. Organizational Culture 17. Human Resource Policies and Practices 18. Organizational Change and Stress Management Appendix: Research in Organizational Behavior Comprehensive Cases. Students can read more details with print book in the library.