– Vietnam Women’s Academy (VWA) has the function of training and fostering officials of Women’s Unions (WU) at all levels, officials working on women’s work, and female officials for the political system, as well as participating in training qualified human resources that meet social needs.
– Researching from theories and summarizing from practices to advise the Executive Committee and Presidium of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) in directing and organizing the implementation of the VWU’s work and women’s movements; researching, advising and proposing to the Party and State on issues related to women, women’s work, gender equality and researching to serve VWA’s training and development.

2. Rights and duties

a) Determining the vision, building the strategy and overall plan for the development of VWA through each stage and annual operating plan.
b) Deploying and implementing training activities

– Developing training and fostering programs and textbooks according to defined goals; ensuring continuity between training programs and levels.
– Developing teaching and learning plans for occupations allowed to be trained; building a credit conversion system with other training institutions. Establishing enrollment targets, organizing the enrollment and the training process, recognizing graduation and awarding diplomas, organizing and managing training activities…
– Self-assessing and submitting to competent authorities the training quality for accreditation; building and developing VWA’s quality assurance system; strengthening quality assurance conditions and continuously improving the training quality of VWA.
– Selecting an educational quality accreditation organization to register for accreditation; having the right to complain, denounce and sue with competent state agencies regarding decisions, conclusions and actions of organizations/individuals carrying out educational quality accreditation.
c) Deploying and implementing scientific and technological activities
– Organizing and carrying out research on VWU’s work, Women’s work, Gender equality and researching on content, programs… to improve training quality
– Developing and implementing VWA’s plan for developing science and technology.

– Being the focal point for scientific activities of the central agency of VWU; organizing and implementing activities to improve research capacity for VWU officials at all levels.
– Participating in selecting and implementing scientific and technological tasks assigned by competent agencies and organizations; effectively using investment funds for science and technology development; signing and implementing science and technology contracts while protecting intellectual property rights; transmitting and demising the results of scientific and technological activities, announcing the results of scientific and technological activities; protecting the interests of the State and society and the legitimate rights and interests of individuals in VWA’s training, science and technology activities.
– Building, managing and using databases on training activities, science and technology, civil servants, and international cooperation of VWA;
d) Deploying and implementing international cooperation activities
– Cooperating, associating, and receiving sponsorship from organizations and individuals to improve the quality of training and science and technology activities of VWA.
– Training, fostering, and exchanging managers, lecturers, researchers and learners of VWA with organizations/individuals in education, culture, and scientific research.
– Participating in educational, scientific, or professional organizations both regionally and internationally.
e) Carrying out tasks in organizing structures and workers
– Recruiting, managing, building, and fostering to improve the qualifications of managers, lecturers, researchers, officials, and workers; periodically evaluating civil servants and public employees of VWA.

– Ensuring the legal rights and interests of civil servants, public employees and VWA’s employees; organizing civil servants and public employees to participate in social activities suitable to the training profession and society’s needs.
– Participating in the mobilization process of competent State management agencies for civil servants and public employees.
f) Learner management
– Developing and implementing programs, plans, and measures to manage learner education; coordinating with agencies, organizations and families to well realize the goal of comprehensive education for learners. implementing regimes and policies according to current regulations, paying attention to taking care of the material and spiritual life for learners.
– Setting aside funds to implement social policies for learners eligible for social policies, for people living in ethnic minority areas and areas with particularly difficult socio-economic conditions.
g) Carrying out tasks related to the unit’s finances and assets
– Exercising the right to financial autonomy and responsibility, as prescribed by the State for public service units that can partly cover their operating costs.

– Being allocated or leased land and facilities by the State; being entitled to tax exemption or reduction according to the provisions of law.
– Using, mobilizing, and managing resources according to the provisions of law; using revenue from economic activities to invest in building VWA’s facilities and to spend on educational activities according to the provisions of law.
h) Implementing the information and reporting regime, as well as submitting to inspection and examination by the Ministry of Education and Training, by relevant ministries and branches, and by the People’s Committee of the province/city where VWA can set headquarters or can organize training activities according to regulations.
i) Perform other duties and rights as prescribed by laws of the State, of the Presidium of Central Vietnam Women’s Union, and the Ministry of Education and Training.

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