The online training course “Women do business” was officially launched by the Vietnam Women’s Academy in 2022 with the goal of training 10.000 learners who are female entrepreneurs, female students and women having business ideas or needing to improve skills in entrepreneurship, of which 3.000 learners completed at least 50% of the course. After 10 months of implementation, Vietnam Women’s Academy has successfully completed the commitment targets with Sunlight – Unilever Vietnam with outstanding results, specifically:


As of December 31, 2022, the Academy has enrolled 11,536 learners (exceeding the target of more than 1.5 thousand learners) with a total of 126 classes. The learners are members of the Women’s Union in the Northern and Southern regions; students and alumni of the Academy and a number of other universities in Hanoi; The target learners are female businessmen, female workers and women who intend to start a business and wish to develop their family income. Of these, 5.088 students completed 100% of the course and 6.743 students completed at least 50% of the course duration (exceeding 125% of the target committed to Unilever).


In 2023, Vietnam Women’s Academy continues to be a partner of Sunlight – Unilever Vietnam in the program “Women do business” with a training scale double that of last year and a learning system having comprehensive improvement and innovation towards a course with a better experience for learners.


Followed by Unilever’s request, this year’s course is designed to upgrade to a modern technical version, along with applying technology with tools to support training management and user experience to reduce training costs. interact on the system for students when registering and participating in the course. Instead of waiting to be provided a study account, learners will directly register an account on the system and access the course immediately after registration. This one-touch experience will make the learners’ learning process easier and more convenient. The course interface has been significantly improved compared to 2022, shown through the design of course banners. The language mode on the system is 100% Vietnameseized, lectures are automatically transitioned when finished, and assessment tests are also integrated reasonably and scientifically so that the learning process is not interrupted but ensures effective assessment of learners’ knowledge acquisition, etc.

  • The course includes 05 lectures with useful and practical content related to the topic of business start-up/entrepreneurship for women.

Lesson 1: How to find business ideas for newbies

Lesson 2: Calling capital and managing revenue and expenditure effectively

Lesson 3: Tips of effective sales

Lesson 4: Tips to effective growth

Lesson 5: Creating content on Social Networks and E-commerce



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